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Types Of Bra: How To Understand Different Styles And Types

There are many types of bras. What’s the difference? And why is it important? Are you confused between a balconette and a plunge? Are you unsure whether to choose a wired or unwired option? You’ve reached the right place. You won’t have to guess what bra you should wear.

Let’s first understand the differences between bras according to their function, neckline, shape, and construction. You can buy the below-mentioned types of bra by just searching “bras online Australia”.

Types of bras based on their construction:

  • Wired
  • Non-wired
  • Padded
  • Non-padded

Types of bras based on the neckline

  • Full coverage
  • Demi coverage
  • Styles of bras based on neckline shape
  • Sweetheart neckline
  • Plunge
  • Balconette

1. Bra Styles Based On Function

A wired bra shapes and supports your breasts by incorporating a metal underwire into the cups. This bra will give you the support and lift that you need. You can choose from full or demi coverage options for this bra.

2. Bra With No Wires

The non-wired bra does not have a metal underwire. This makes it more flexible and easier to wear. Your breasts will be supported by the elastic band and straps. It is ideal for comfort and prolonged use.

3. Padded Bras

Smoothly molded cups in a padded bra give you a lifted and seam-free appearance. Amante padded bras have 2MM padding that is extremely thin. These bras not only offer the perfect amount of coverage but also provide a slimmer look.

4. Bras Without Padding

Non-padded bras do not have extra padding in the cups. The cups are basic in shape and can be made with two or more layers of fabric. Non-padded bras may be preferred by women with larger breasts. You might not feel the bra is overly accentuating breasts, but it is providing the support you need.

5. Full Cover Bra

A full-cover bra provides more coverage at the top of your breasts while offering support and comfort throughout the day. This bra is available in seamless options that can be worn under fitted clothes. It’s ideal for women with larger busts who wish to minimize movement and also works well as an everyday bra.

6. Demi-Cup Bra

The demi-bra has cups that cover half of the breasts. It gives you a natural look and the same comfort as a T-shirt bra. These bras have a smaller coverage than full-cup bras but offer more coverage than a balconette. These bras lift your bust and highlight your cleavage.

7. Sweetheart Neckline

This bra looks great with any outfit that has a low neckline. This bra provides medium coverage to show off your natural cleavage. It also offers all the support and comfort you need to look stunning and effortless.

8. Plunge Neckline

The plunge bra features cups that are low-cut, making it ideal for outfits with low necklines. These bras can also be purchased with padding. This provides a slight lift and contour to your bust.

9. Balconette Neckline

Balconette bras offer less coverage than T-shirts or push-up bras, as they only partially cover your breasts. This bra gives you a natural lift and a more natural contoured appearance. This bra is best suited for women with smaller to medium-sized busts, as it provides less coverage. Balconette bras look great when worn with a boat neck silhouette because the straps are wider.

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