Door Locks That Are Commonly Used In Residential Properties

It will be difficult to find residential properties that do not use door locks. It is possible to find a residential space that does not use door locks. This could be because its occupants aren’t concerned about security or they just live in a world that no one else knows. Door locks are an integral part of any residential space and are essential for safety and security.

While most people know this, not all are familiar with the various types of door locks. It is crucial to choose the right door lock among all available options. It is easy to see why: some locks work better for one situation than others. Homeowners and property managers will be able to choose the right locks for their needs by understanding the different types of residential door locks. Let’s begin!

Electronic Locks And Smart Locks

Electronic locks are commonly used in residential properties. This applies to both apartments and homes. People often confuse electronic locks with smart locks, which is wrong. While smart locks can be mistakenly referred to as electronic locks, not all electronic locks are smart locks. It is not easy to distinguish between them, but it is possible to know where to look. This will help you choose the right type of door lock. If a resident needs to have better access control or if they want to make the lock more efficient, then electronic locks and smart locks can be used on their residential property.

To unlock and unlock a smart lock, it must receive specific instructions from an authorized device. These instructions are often transmitted wirelessly and adhere to wireless communication protocols. The engagement of electronic locks does not require wireless communication. They only need to be powered by an electric current.


They are one of the most widely used door locks types. They are also a popular fixture in commercial spaces because of their popularity. The single-cylinder deadbolt is a subset among many door lock types that homeowners should know. Many types of deadbolts available can be used in a residential setting. The deadbolt is primarily used to secure exterior doors. Although no law prohibits deadbolts from being used inside your home, there are other types of door locks that are more suitable for this purpose (but those will be covered later). A deadbolt doesn’t use spring-loaded mechanisms to operate the bolt. This is why it is called “dead”.

They are extremely secure and are very durable. There are many deadbolts, and not all deadbolts are created equal. This is why we have a grading system to give you an idea of how much force your deadbolt will withstand. There are two main types of deadbolts: the single-cylinder deadbolt or the double-cylinder deadbolt. There is a significant difference between the two types of deadbolt door locks. The single-cylinder has one keyed key cylinder, while the double cylinder uses a keyed key cylinder on both doors.

Doorknob Locks

You would likely know where to look if you had to locate a doorknob in thirty seconds. Even if you didn’t manage to reach the doorknob in the time allotted, you would still be able to find it and know how you got there. Doorknob locks are simple to locate and are mostly used for interior purposes. You might have seen doorknobs on exterior doors, but the person who did it has the wrong idea. The doorknob is the most common type of door lock that can be used for interior purposes.

These locks are ideal for interior use. These knobs are ideal for interior use as they allow easy access from one room to another in your home. They also make it possible to escape an emergency quickly. You will be able to determine where the best place to install them by knowing how a doorknob compares to other types of door locks. Knowing the weaknesses of your locks can help you make the best choice of door lock type to protect your home.