Types And Spectacle Frames

Glasses can help you express your style but they can also distract you. There are so many options, it can be difficult for you to choose the right frame for your style.

If you’re looking for new glasses, make sure they enhance your eyes and don’t obscure them. When shopping for a new classic men’s glasses style, you should pay close attention to the shape and quality of the frames.

Welcome to the second of the blog series, Types spectacle frames. We’ve already covered the basics in the previous Blog. Now let’s dive into the details.

These spectacle frames with hexagonal shapes instantly seize the spotlight and stand out from others. These spectacle frames are a unique style statement for those who aren’t afraid to take the risk and go where it is not recommended.

Double Digger Frames

The bridge is the portion of the frame that connects the rims. It sits at the nose. It is designed to support the majority weight of the glasses by arching up above the eyes and between them. A bridge assists in fitting the glasses. Double bridge frames have traditional frames that include a second piece of the bar at the top. They are sturdy and double the durability.

Acetate frames were created using a process that converts plant materials into a durable plastic. Modern acetate frames have a lightweight, strong, and flexible design. These glasses are capable of keeping the color over time, and for prolonged wear. The colors are embedded within the material and not simply sprayed. This technique prevents color peeling. They prevent color from fading or changing by using a unique anti-aging stabilizer.

Metal Frames

Metal frames are attractive because they discreetly highlight the features of the face. These spectacle glasses are bold but not overly aggressive. These boys have a lot of versatility thanks to the silicone nose pads which can be easily adjusted.

Nude Frames

These frames have a simple look that is easy to wear with shades of honey glow and caramel. They can balance any look thanks to their neutral style.

Dual Toned Frames

This spectacle frame is a stylized combination of colors that enhance each other. It gives you a sporty look. 

Grayscale Flames

Grayscale frames were popular for years. These Spectacle frames are slowly gaining in popularity.

A Man’s Guide On Choosing The Right Glasses For His Face

Your heart sinks after you have tried them on and looked in the mirror. Something is wrong with these elegant, fashion-forward sunglasses. But why is that?

The truth about selecting the best glasses for your face, and ultimately how they flatter you, is in a few aspects. First and foremost it comes down to your face shape. Second, how well your frame matches your proportions.

How To Find Your Face Shape?

There are seven main types of faces depending on who is asking: square, round, heart-shaped, ovals, ovals, oblongs, triangles, and the rarest — diamonds. Do you not know your exact shape? The easiest way to determine the shape of your face is to trace it onto a mirror. Ask an optician to give their opinion if in doubt.

Most people are not cut-and-paste categorized into different facial profiles. Be aware that you may end up looking like a combination of two or more of the above shapes. Instead, consider these groups as guidelines. It’s fine if they don’t suit your needs. What you think about what clothes you wear is the most important consideration.

We know that eyewear is not just for fashion. It’s also a necessity. So whether you use it occasionally or need to have an everyday pair, we did the research and put together a guide. The best frame style to match your face is the contrasted one.

Oval: Face Shape

Your cheeks make up the biggest part of your face. Your features are softly round with your jaw narrower than your forehead.

Best Design Frame: An oval face can be matched with eyewear in a variety of ways. Take your pick. For those who are bold, you might consider geometric glasses.

Triangle As The Face Shape

A triangle with the tip facing up means your face is narrowest at its forehead and largest at the chin. An upward-pointing triangle face shape indicates you have strong angular characteristics.

The Best Style Frame: An style with more high-end detailing, like D-frames that is winged out and have rounder lenses, can counter an angular jaw.