How To Get A Report Of An Accident In Houston?

If you’ve been in a car accident in Texas, getting a copy of the crash report is crucial. If the accident is ever looked into further as part of a personal injury lawsuit, the information in police reports may be helpful.

 A police officer’s determination of who was responsible for the collision is specifically documented in an accident report. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the decision about whose insurance must cover accident losses does not ultimately rest with the police.

In Texas, a proper fault decision might be the difference between receiving full compensation and none at all. To ensure that the details are accurate, you must obtain a copy of your houston car accident report as soon as possible. If they’re incorrect, a lawyer can assist in establishing the truth.

How To Buy A Texas Car Accident Report?

Any time they respond to a collision where someone is hurt or killed, or if the damage to the cars exceeds the decided amount, law enforcement personnel are required to file a crash report with TxDOT. The Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report, or CR-3, is the report’s official title. Within ten days of the auto collision, it must be filed. To get rid of all the procedures you can simply contact a law agency to carry forward all the formalities

Visit the Crash Reports and Records area of the TxDOT website to purchase the online report for yourself.

To Proceed, You Must Possess At Least One Of The Following Facts:

  • Crash ID; Names of any individuals involved in a crash;
  • Crash date; County; and City
  • You must fill out the Request for Peace Officer’s Crash Report (CR-91) and mail it together with payment to the address on the form if you want to order the crash report by mail.

Does Filing A Claim Require A Copy Of My Houston Police Accident Report?

In Texas, a car accident injury claim does not require an official crash report. In Harris County, the police are not compelled to go to the scene of every collision. In Houston, which consistently ranks first in the state for a large number of traffic accidents, it would be impossible to do.

A police report, however, can offer the fundamental framework for a more thorough crash inquiry. Consider it a useful summary of the information you’ll need to submit an insurance claim. Do not, however, believe that law enforcement has the last say in determining who is responsible for the accident. A police officer’s account can frequently be utterly refuted by evidence from accident analysis professionals and witnesses, which can drastically change the course of the case.

When it comes to putting up a powerful car accident injury claim, the lawyer at Sutliff & Stout, Injury & Accident Law Firm, leaves no stone unturned. Because of this, they can provide you with the car accident police report on your behalf. A successful claim requires evidence.  They make sure that the police report accurately depicts the facts of your case.

Who Is Allowed To View My Crash Report?

Anyone with a direct interest in the accident may obtain a copy of the police accident report. A person with established financial responsibility for a vehicle involved in the accident, such as a motor vehicle policyholder, is also included. Insurance companies for any vehicle or person involved in the wreck include:

 • Anyone involved in the crash;

 • An authorized representative of anyone involved in the crash;

 • A parent, employer, or legal guardian of anyone involved in the crash;

 • The owner of the vehicle or property damaged in the accident;

 • A person with established financial responsibility for a vehicle involved in the crash.