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How to Create Mobile Billboards Using Custom-Printed Stickers on Cars

The idea of mobile billboards being used to promote businesses is not new. A mobile banner is a promotional item, and it is mobile. Many large companies spend a lot on truck signs and custom-painted buses to make mobile billboards. Guess what? Mobile billboards work extremely well.

Billboards offer the highest reach when compared with all other OOH advertising methods. Billboard ads are seen on billboards by over 80% every year. Top brands love mobile billboards as they draw attention to passers-by when they are traveling long distances.

How can smaller companies gain such great exposure while not spending large amounts on bus or truck billboards You can make custom-printed stickers to cover your cars. Cover your vehicles with custom-printed stickers to make them mobile billboards. Here are some benefits to your brand from putting stickers on your company car.


Itance Exposure

Your custom printed stickers will not only be visible, but also other advertising tools. Your custom-printed stickers can travel anywhere your company cars will. There is no limit to how many stickers can be placed on cars. Anybody can place these stickers on their car – even family and friends.

These stickers can also be used by all types of business. Any business can use these stickers anywhere they wish to capture the attention and interest of targeted audiences who pass by on foot, or in cars.

Cost Effective Tool

Because of their high cost, small businesses tend to avoid mobile billboards. This highly effective advertising method is now affordable for small businesses. Without breaking the bank, business owners can order bulk sets of custom printed vinyl stickers.

24X7 Advertising

Your custom-printed stickers are great for promoting your brand whether your company vehicles have wheels or not. To promote your brand, park your company cars outside of your store. Car stickers are best used when they’re mobile. Moving signs and posters on cars are more appealing to people.

Target Specific Areas

Another benefit of mobile billboards is their ability to target specific areas. For example, a small company that is involved in sports can drive cars decorated with stickers close to stadiums. An alternative is that a new fashion brand can drive its company vehicles close to shopping malls.

Vinyl stickers can also be reused, so business owners are free to use them in any way they like. It doesn’t matter what kind of stickers you put on your car or how you make them. You can use them in specific places and communities to get brand exposure. This type of geo-targeting cannot be done with other low-cost, traditional marketing tools.

Final Take — Are Custom Stickers Marketing Tools Good for Your Company’s Business?

Customized stickers can be a great alternative for businesses that don’t want to spend a lot on digital marketing campaigns. You can make great stickers for your company as long they are professionally designed. Also, the stickers are cheap so companies won’t have to spend a lot of money just to try them.

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