Types Of Motorcycle Jackets: A Beginner’s Guide

When choosing motorbike jackets, there are two major material categories to consider: leather and fabrics. Let’s take a deeper look at the characteristics and advantages of each jacket type.


 Leather jackets, however, are more than simply a fashion statement; they also give other benefits to the rider when out on the open road.

The most significant safety benefit of leather jackets is their abrasion resistance. This implies that if you are ever in an accident, leather jackets will offer you the finest protection against road rash.

The thick substance of a leather jacket, on the other hand, lends this design a few drawbacks. Due to their weight, leather jackets can weary the rider more quickly than textile jackets. The heavy cloth also does not hold up well in hot weather or rain. In the sun, black leather absorbs heat faster than a desert salamander.

Leather, on the other hand, does not function well as a waterproof alternative in wet weather. Although leather coats can be treated to be water-resistant, moisture will ultimately seep through.

Jackets With The Triple Vent System

These jackets are created particularly for riders with huge fairings and windshields, and they include three-tiered side vents to keep you cool.

These motorcycle jackets are regarded as among the best in terms of comfort, performance, and protection. Triple Vent System jackets have exceptionally lightweight body armor to safeguard the rider because they are constructed of leather.

Triple Vent System jackets are suitable for all-season bikers or people who live in unexpected conditions due to their adaptability (see: Vancouver).


Now it’s time for the fabrics! This jacketing fabric is far more adaptable than leather. Textile jackets are very breathable and ventilate well due to their lightweight fabric.

Textile coats may be readily made waterproof during rainy seasons (which is always if you live in Vancouver). As a result, textile coats are a fantastic choice for rainy weather since they keep the water off of you.

Furthermore, because textile jackets are easier to deal with, there are more features accessible than leather jackets.


The textile jacket’s younger sibling. Mesh is an excellent choice for individuals who enjoy cycling in the summer heat.

While mesh jackets are the greatest option for remaining cool in the summer, they provide the least level of protection.

Mesh jackets are often the least expensive option when compared to leather and textile jackets due to the light fabric utilized.

3-In-1 Jacket

Change things up with a 3-in-1 jacket! These coats are quite adaptable, since they may be worn as a light jacket, a heavier jacket (lined), or as a separate vest or sweatshirt.

Their many components allow you to change them based on temperature and usage, and they come in a range of styles and materials.