Do You Know What A Type 2 Charging Cable Is?

Cars have a conventional male vehicle input, whereas charging stations have a female outlet, usually directly on the charging station’s exterior or via a certain flexible cable with a permanently installed connector on the end.

When a charging station with a fixed cable is not accessible, a separate male-to-female cable is utilized to link up the vehicle either via the charging station otherwise from a regular industrial connector IEC 60309-2.

Every new electric car comes with a charging cable of Type 2 charging cable, which has seven pins. The seven-pin format meets the European standard and now is becoming more widely adopted in the industry, allowing you to simply plug into a variety of home wall boxes and use public charging stations.

While the more universal seven-pin design makes charging easier and more accessible, the disadvantage of this charger is that it charges at a slower rate (up to 43kW) than DC quick charging, which needs a CCS connection.

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Compatible charging stations

The type 2 EV charge cable can work on charging stations of both 7 and 22 Kwh, Single phase and also 3-phase.

It is built tough

It is made from durable, strong, and difficult to wear types of materials. Usually, it is made from a certain reinforced and insulated cable of 5m length for a reliable, robust, quick, and easier connection to the EV or PHEV.

Operates at both high and low temperatures

This Charge Cable of type 2 is able to operate at a temperature of 55°C (maximum) and up to a minimum of -30°C.

The type 2 charger is also the charger that comes with 7 pin and features in most of the new EVs. This is the European standard that is accepted globally in the vehicle manufacturing industry. You can charge them at stations or even at home.

This Type 2 cable enables you to recharge at slower ‘destination’ chargers such as those found in shopping malls, gyms, and city parking lots. The Tesla charger is an exception, as it uses a Type 2 connection for quick charging – but only at Superchargers. 

Any electric car at a conventional Type 2 charger (which covers every charging point provider). 

A Type 2 cable is also available from a number of reliable online retailers. They typically cost between £200 and £350, and while most manufacturer-supplied cables are five meters long, eight-meter Type 2 cables are also frequently available.

These are particularly beneficial if the distance between your charger and a parking space is inconvenient. A longer cable has no effect on safety or charging speed other than presenting a possible trip hazard.