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Things to Know Before Booking a Vacation Rental

For cottage owners, taking a vacation on the water is as simple as getting in your car and grabbing some groceries. Once you arrive at your home, it’s easy to relax. It’s as good as new – you have met all your expectations.

There are many opportunities for those who need to be more fortunate to have a lakefront rental cottage. Many agencies and listing sites offer vacation rentals in Key West. It can sometimes take time to find the right cottage.

There are some things to remember before you make the commitment. You should be aware of these things before deciding to take the plunge.

Legal Listing: Are you dealing legitimately with the company or the property owner? Cottage photos taken from another listing site are sometimes used to create an unfortunate rental listing. You shouldn’t start your holiday by finding out that the owners of a cottage have never advertised it for rent.

Ownership: Be sure to understand the rules and make sure your requirements are met. Many cottages were intended to accommodate up to 10 people per night. This is a lot. This is why cottage owners will often be conservative when setting maximum occupancy to avoid possible problems with excessive usage.

Allowing Pets: Check with the cottage if your pet is allowed. There might be limitations on the number of pets that cottage owners allow. Do you have someone in your family with severe allergies? If a cottage does not allow pets, don’t assume it is safe. Many cottage owners don’t allow renters pets. This can often result from bad experiences with renters or because they are concerned about damages.

Map: Find the exact location of the cottage by using a map. Clear, Sandy Eagle, Eagle, and Loon Lakes can all be found in Key West. You wouldn’t like to be discovered that you booked a holiday home in Key West.

Photo: Can the photos give you an accurate view of the property from all angles? Is there an area that is missing? Are there views or angles that are not obvious that you would like? It is better to have many photos to view so that you can visualize yourself at your cottage and on the waterfront.

Additional Costs: Understand the rental price and any fees. Some cottages will have additional or mandatory cleaning fees. Sometimes they are included in your rental rate. Some agencies, like ours, have a per-book fee and can offer a cancellation. All charges, including any applicable taxes, must be disclosed before you agree to a rental agreement.

Cottage Readiness– Has the cottage been checked and prepared before your arrival? Is it also checked at the conclusion of your stay? You should expect to arrive at a prepared cottage, not one that a previous tenant had vacated. Sometimes guests leave cottages in better than ‘arrival condition.’ It is important to check your rental cottage after you have left and before you return to ensure it is exactly as you expected.

Contact Info¬†– Do you receive the contact information for either the owner or their local contact? You can call the agency if you need assistance, but it’s often faster to contact the owner directly. You never know what could happen to your water pump or other vital appliance.

Cottages Key West strives to provide comprehensive, accurate, and current information about cottages. Additionally, we provide seamless transactions starting with the website and ending with the booking process and the holiday experience.


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