A Few Ideas for Selecting Ceiling Lights

One of the crucial lights that require careful selection is the ceiling light. The unsung heroes of the ambient lighting category are typically the light fixtures that are flushing the ceiling when compared to hanging lights like chandeliers or pendants.

Every home has sections where ceiling lights are the best fixture for the purpose, even though certain rooms can benefit from ambient lighting from other types of fixtures.

The architecture of a space can be severely disrupted by selecting the wrong size light fixture, just as one incorrect measurement can make or break a dish.

Therefore, we advise choosing a fixture that is just the right size so that it complements the room’s scale without being excessively large or oddly little.

Flush type of square lights available from Sofary can be a bold alternative to round lights. They may produce a sleek, clean aesthetic that complements a broad range of decor themes if they are arranged in straight lines and right angles.

Square LED ceiling lights are sleek lighting fixtures that are ideal for modern, minimalist spaces. Modern rooms’ square lamps with fabric shades soften their look and lighting.

The following 3 measurements are very important for getting it right if you are considering Chandelier lights

  • Scale
  • Clearance
  • Spacing

Before we start adding furniture to the mix, let us start with some fundamental factors. Take an open space as a starting point and make note of its height, length, and width.

Diameter of light

To get the diameter of the best-fitting chandelier light fixture for your space, just measure the length and width of your room in feet.

For example, in a room of size 10 feet by 12 feet, just add these two. You get 22 feet. Now this value of 22, you swap it as inches and hence consider 22 inches. This is going to be the ideal diameter for your light fixture in this room.

Height of the light

To decide the height of your light fixture, consider the room height from floor to ceiling in feet.

As an example, let us say room height is 10 feet. Now multiply the height by a figure 2.5″ to 3″ per foot. So, it becomes 25 to 30 feet. Now swap that figure to inches and hence it becomes 25 to 30 inches. This will be the ideal height for your light fixture in this room.

Clearance: How low Should be the light fixture

The length or height of a hanging fixture is just as significant as the size, depending on the space or location of the light. Depending on the area in which the light is being used, a clearance is required.

In areas like living rooms, bedrooms, or public entranceways where people might be passing by a light fixture:

Maintain a 7-foot space between the floor and the bottom of the fixture. Consider a low-profile flush mount if your room has 8-foot ceiling will allow for the necessary clearance and overall lighting.

Chandeliers or pendants should be hung in an open foyer or hallway so that the bottom is at least 6 inches higher than the entrance.